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World Book, Inc. Since 1915, World Book, Inc. has been committed to creating accurate, objective, and reliable materials that have been consistently ranked by teachers, librarians, and families as the best in the education market. Thousands of experts make the ever-popular and stunningly comprehensive World Book Encyclopedia the most current and up-to-date print and online encyclopedia available. Our titles span a range of subjects and ages, from the 100th Anniversary Commemorative edition of the 2017 World Book Encyclopedia, to exciting new offerings such as Enigmas of History, Building Blocks of Science: Life Science, and Endangered Animals of the World. Our average sale is $250, with orders ranging from $8.99 to $4,800. Each month we run different promotional campaigns, and we provide free shipping to customers in the U.S.A. and Canada. We are certain that your consumers will find content that will enrich and enlighten them.


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